Jewish wisdom Deceiving Muslims

Jews really wise beguile us Muslims, they told us they made the calf to drink milk, but goat’s milk Why do not we take our prophet, we joi...

Jews really wise beguile us Muslims, they told us they made the calf to drink milk, but goat’s milk

Why do not we take our prophet, we join the Jewish people but they were prophets who follow what we eat and drink. Forward to dismantle Jewish wisdom deceive Muslims.

These words are coincident with the tradition Rasullulah:

“Carefuly to Satan for the safety of your religion. He had been in despair to lead you astray in big matters, then stay awake so that you do not follow it in small matters”

Between ‘innate knowledge of their’ who have made follow-up by most of us.

they drink, they drink what they drink by our Prophet Muhammad SAW.
1. We are taught in biology books, books Ingestion (the study and publication of the infidels ni) that if you want to be vitamin B and if you want to add our blood and liver of animals consuming chicken liver, but in fact the Prophet ordered us not to eat the internal organs. disbelieve what follows we follow the teachings of prophets? Actually eating chicken liver can cause liver moisten our brain is the organ where all the toxins will be collected and dineutralkan. Thus, the high toxin concentrations in chicken liver. we eat the toxin and brain bengaplah Muslims because we believe a book of science output of this infidel.

2. We are taught in science bahawa coffee is not good for health. But actually the coffee is between drinks craze of our Prophet besides milk and honey. Cuba saw the Jewish people, they drink coffee, Starbuck. Jewish Professor in the UK who all have a cup of coffee in their hands.

3. We are taught to eat high-cholesterol goats, but goats also is the food of our Prophet. As if food science books like degrading our prophet. Goat meat is actually meat at less cholesterol.

4. We are taught to eat McDonalds bahawa is good, but the fact McDonalds is a very high-MSG diet and cholesterol and no more trans fat tepu.

5. The kafeer also encourage us to drink and eat foods that do not directly benefit, for example, coke and Maggi. Coke is very toxic and not very good for our health (high sugar, berasid, pH within the 3.5, there is a hidden poison). And we’re addicted to food and drink .IRONIC!

6. For knowledge, the infidels are liars agents promote good drink soya (soya because USA is the largest expenditures), but actually soya can weaken male virility and reduce male and female fertility. In addition, soy may increase the risk of breast kanser, kanser ovarian, prostate canser, as well as brain and bone weakening because there is the hormone estrogen in soy is similar to estrogen in women. In addition, phytic acid, soya there that made the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc that are essential for our bodies become weak and damaged body tissues.


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