Sample Farewell for Office Mates or Relations

Dear All,

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings,

There is no good time to say goodbye, but the passage of time has brought us in time for me to say farewell greeting, after three years I ruled in PT. Hurricane is quite a lot of knowledge and learning that I got during my work.

My hope, in order Ladies and gentlemen Fellow to further Success and Happiness wherever located, as well as PT. Hurricane increasingly Berjaya. My hope next is this separation only in the scope of work solely with silaturrahmi we can continue to be maintained.

Thank you so much, I thank Ladies and gentlemen Fellow who was with us hand in hand to achieve the common good. Which of course in this short time a lot of my behavior and inappropriate remarks, for which I apologize profusely.

Let me say Special thanks to Calvin, Delon, Fahrul, and Muttaqin who became my best during my work in PT. Hurricane for all the attention and support that has been given.  Success and Happiness for us all,


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